pathetic mango loaf

A group of people that just really really really like bread(&animals)! Also, we make stuff. Welcome to our zoo!

past events

Events we've attended includes: Comic Fiesta 2022, Season4Otaku 2023 and City U Anime & Cosplay 2023. We look forward expanding our market and hope to booth in many more events in the future!

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our catalogue

Food, cute animals and funny memes are the foundation of our brand. We have a selection of original and fandom goods. Our main products consist of keychains, pins, stickers and button badges. We also occasionally do crafts!Here's a summary of our catalogue. To view our full catalogue, click here. To view the individual catalogue of each artists, click on any of the compilation below!

meet our animals!

Clicking on our icons will bring you to the individual profile/catalogue of each artists, feel free to look around!

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